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We launched the MyPet shop a few weeks ago.

We wanted to stock products that lived up to our values as a team and as a business. In no particular order we really value Pets, people and our planet.

We came up with a few amazing brands to launch first in our shop.

Don’t have time to read this article, check out THIS VIDEO for a quick preview of our products.


Beco are a group of animal and sustainability enthusiasts. They aim to ensure your pet enjoys the highest quality products, with as little environmental impact as possible.

  • Beco pride themselves on leading the way on pet sustainability. They want to make it a healthier, happier planet for us and our pets.
  • Beco care about providing top quality products, whilst ensuring they use sustainable, degradable and recycled materials.
  • They pride themselves on always innovating and finding new ways and new materials to produce better quality products while reducing their carbon footprint.

Their products are truly amazing. Our CDO (Chief Dog Officer) Cody has really been enjoying the rubber ball with treats inside. 


Project Blu

Project Blu has values similar to ours. They turn waste into amazing products for your pet.

  • Project Blu products are made from recycled materials that were destined to pollute our planet. They are made using Ocean bound plastic and used clothes!
  • Project Blu is a British business and their products are manufactured in Tuscany, Italy.
  • Their products are made to the highest standard to ensure they last and that we don’t all suffer because of our throwaway culture.




Suzie’s Blankets and bandanas are made in Northern Ireland, fully hand stitched using materials sourced locally.

  • Suzie’s aim to to create stylish, locally sourced and affordable products for pet owners.
  • The big goal at Suzie’s is to make your pet look really really cute.


Now you know a little more about our products you can check them all out in the MyPet shop HERE.

Feel free to reach out to our CDO (Chief Dog Officer) Cody if you’ve any questions. You can get him by emailing cody@mypethq.io.

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