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Running a marathon for pet charities!



Hey everyone,

First off the link to donate:

As you may have seen in the video HERE. I wanted to take on a challenge for turning 30, I’d decided to run the marathon on 20th September this year. Unfortunately it’s been cancelled. – I’ve decided I’m going to run one anyway.
In running this marathon I want to raise funds for a few vital pet charities based here in Northern Ireland.
COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the fundraising capabilities of all charities due to cancelled events such as Marathons, Doggy days, fundraising dinners, sponsored walks etc. This is having a huge impact on animal charities and they can’t wait for the real marathon to raise these vital funds.

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary is currently home to over 100 animals including horses, ponies, donkeys, dogs, cats, chicken and roosters. The story of Crosskennan started with two horses Kim and Candy. Lyn the founder of Crosskennan Lane saw how the welfare system in Northern Ireland let down these 2 horses leading her to establish Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary. Not only do they rescue and care for animals, they use their educational and cross community approach to help improve animal welfare. Through workshops, training days and a Saturday club they want to increase the awareness and knowledge around animal welfare. They do an amazing job and deserve our support.

Lucy’s trust

Lucy’s trust was established in 2010 initially as a response to the growing need for rescue space for dogs from craigavon pound. Over the years it has changed to become predominantly a sanctuary for dogs who cannot be rehomed due to behavioural issues, those that are most in need of a rescue place or assistance to help them in becoming a happy healthy dog again.
Wondering who Lucy is? Lucy was a stray dog who came to Olivia, founder of Lucy’s trust. Lucy Changed Olivias life. It’s in her name that Olivia and her partner Rob aim to save as many dogs as possible from needless euthanasia in Northern Ireland.


Please make sure and check out their social media to see some of the amazing work these animal charities do and some of the amazing animals they care for. Any donation you can make will help them massively in caring for all the animals.

Here’s all the links:

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary Facebook:

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary Instagram:

Lucy’s Trust Facebook:

Lucy’s Trust Instagram:

Thanks for reading,
Conor McManus

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