Pet Microchipping For Vets And How MyPet Can Help

Pet microchipping has been put into the spotlight as of recent. I’ve been speaking to a lot of vets recently about their current microchipping solution, where they buy microchips from and why they should buy microchips from us. I thought it useful to put together an article with some of the questions and discussion points.

1. Microchips charge pet owners for updating / changing their details

Pet owners are charged for changing their details or for upgrading their account. We put together this useful article as a good reference point for what those charges are. It’s one of the reasons we became a Defra compliant microchip database. When I was updating my address I had to pay £19.95 per dog to do this. I never received so much as a confirmation email from the microchip database

2. The recent issues with microchip databases

Over the last few weeks many veterinary professionals have mentioned issues with microchip databases and the effects this has. One of the most recent failures by a microchip database is documented HERE by the BBC.

3. What makes MyPet different?

This is the most common question we get asked in many different forms. Here is our answer:

  1. We’re a pet technology company. We focus on ensuring best in class security and reliability as well as an amazing user experience. Check out THIS VIDEO to see how easy it is for pet owners to register a microchip.
  2. We can help veterinary practices register microchips in a number of ways. They can register microchips through our platform in under 2 minutes, or empower their customers to register their own account. We’re also integrating with many practice management systems.
  3. We include lifetime registration for pet owners in our microchip price. Your customers will never have to pay to update their details.
  4. We believe in customer communication. We email pet owners bi-annually to check all their details are up to date.
  5. We email a pet owner if their pet’s microchip is ever searched. This helps with pet owner reunification.
  6. We offer pet owners access to offers and discounts

4. How much are your microchips?

We price our microchips based on your annual volume. If you purchase more than 100 microchips a year, please pop me an email – and I will get back to you. You can check out our microchip prices HERE if you buy 100 or less in a year. We’re pretty confident we can match or beat your current suppliers price!

5. Can you tell me about your microchips?

To start with our microchips our compliant with the UK microchipping legislation. Here’s some information about it:

  1. ISO11784 / ISO11785 FDX-B
  2. ICAR Certified microchip numbers
  3. Single use syringe and needle
  4. Detachable needle to allow recycling of plastic
  5. Anti Migration technology
  6. Long bevelled needle to reduce the trauma and allow for quick healing
  7. Available in 3 sizes


6. Can you share some reviews with us?

Yeah we sure can, check out reviews below from both Veterinary Clinics and pet owners!

Pet owner review

Vet review

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