MyPet for Animal Rescues

What's different about MyPet?

  • We're a Pet Technology Company

    We strive to solve animal rescue problems through technology. Our microchip platform is the fastest in the UK, our user interface is the most intuitive. We have rescue specific features including rescue back-up as standard. We are creating a mini revolution and we’d love to have you on board.

  • Animal rescue specific platform

    We build great software. We've worked with animal rescues to build the best possible platform to help you better manage pet's in your care. We help you ensure your pet's are registered, managed and transferred as efficiently as possible.

  • Pet owners love us

    We help pet owners look after their pets. No complicated sales pipelines. No expensive "premium" payments. It's simple - You buy the microchip with registration included, and your customer can update their details as many times as they need to. Forever.

  • We're here to help

    We're happy to help in whatever way we can. Do you need a custom solution? Just let us know!

Our microchips

1. ISO 11784 / 11785 FDX-B
2. ICAR Certified
3. Single use syringe and needle
4. Detachable needle to allow recycling of plastic
5. Anti-Migration Technology (Parylene coated)

Order more than 500 microchips a year? Get in touch with us! 🙂

More about the MyPet Microchip database

We email pet owners every 6 months to check their details are up to date!

The easiest to use and fastest microchip database in the UK!

Check out our reviews below to find our what our clients think!

We include lifetime registration with every microchip. This means a pet owner can change their details as often as they need to

Pet owners get access to a whole range of offers and discounts!

We email pet owners anytime their pet's microchip is searched!

Ways to register a MyPet microchip

  • Via our platform

    We have a rescue specific platform. Our platform allows you to manage all the pets in your care, register microchips and transfer pets to their new homes. You can see a demo of the platform by clicking here.

  • We supply registration cards

    With every chip, we supply a registration card which allows your clients to register at home! If you're ordering more than 500 chips we can even customise these cards to include your logo!

  • Need a custom solution?

    Just get in touch. We can help figure out the best way for you and your clients!


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I signed up to this register in November, and then forgot about it. Until last night! Last night, our little terrier escaped from the garden and was probably gone for about half an hour before I realised. I went out to search for her and a neighbour told me that 2 girls had found a terrier pup and were taking her to the local vet to have her checked for a microchip. I got there roughly an hour after first noticing her missing, but in that time, I had already received 2 e-mails from Conor telling me that my let’s microchip had just been scanned and as I was collecting her from the vet, he rang to tell me exactly where she was. When I absentmindedly signed up for MyPet, I had no idea I would need their services so soon, nor did I expect such a rapid response. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! Absolutely brilliant.
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Transparent fees; no 'exclusive offers', no fake 'vouchers', no hidden charges, no upselling, no annual renewals and a tenth of the price - this deserves recommendations. Also pleased that I got an email warning after the microchip had been checked, which I did at another vet's website. Check all DEFRA approved sites and you'll end up back here.
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Had a great experience with MyPet! Very easy and quick process to have my pet registered & great value.
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Ordered some puppy toys 🧸 they arrived this morning - super fast delivery and efficient service with nice personalised touches such as being addressed to my pet and a thank you note. Most importantly, my dog loves them, she hasn’t put her dolphin down since she received her puppy package. I would not hesitate to recommend and will be purchasing more toys again very soon.
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The website was so easy to work with and it didn't take me longer than 10 minutes to register and pay for my 3 pets. The price is so reasonable for what you get. You are obviously super efficient as the E-mail confirming their registration came through straight away and explained anything else I might need to know. On the whole, just completely professional.
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Had problem with downloaded IOS app but in less than 30 minutes Conor was in touch and problem sorted. Very impressive customer service and professional approach. So many DEFRA recommended sites to search but this one ticks all the boxes. Big thanks!

Improving the lives of our pets.

Let's create a global pet care community together, helping everyone better care for our pets' health and happiness.

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