Pets And Lockdown! How To Keep Our Furry Friends Healthy And Happy!

Not only is the current situation hard for us, it’s also hard for our pets. They have been totally knocked out of their routine. Think about it, did they go to daycare during the week? Were they used to 3 or 4 walks a day and now it’s one? Are they missing friends from the […]

Working From Home With Your Pet? – The Survival Guide

People all over the world in the last few weeks have started working from home. Or in email talk WFH! A lot of people thought that this would be the dream, waking up later, working in PJ’s and maybe a sneaky episode on Netflix at lunchtime.Unfortunately it’s just not that simple. It comes with a […]

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) And Our Pets – THE FACTS

There’s a lot of fake news circulating in regards to the COVID-19 virus. One of the crazier stories is that people believed you could catch the virus from drinking Corona beer, this is of course, completely untrue. Corona beer has nothing to do with the Corona Virus.Another fake news story was that Dettol (the cleaning […]

How Is Technology Changing Pet Care?

Over the last number of years millennials have caught up and overtook baby boomers as being the main group of pet owners and they are changing the rules of pet care! Did I mention that 79% of millennials are more willing to spend on their pets rather than themselves?   Petcams More and more pet owners […]

The Benefits Of Pet Ownership

Bringing a pet into your family comes with loads of benefits, they are amazing friends. There is nothing quite like coming home to your pet. Pet owners will tell you their pet gives them so much joy and happiness. It is something you can’t really understand until you feel that yourself. (Right now I have […]

Why More Companies Should Go Pet Friendly Including Yours!

People are bringing their pets with them more and more, and bringing them to more and more places. We as pet lovers don’t like to leave them behind, we believe more companies should be open to having pets in the work environment.We all know at least 1 cafe or pub that allows pets to visit […]

Can Our Pets Be Vegetarian / Vegan?

Now into the New Year and all our New Year resolutions have been set. I noted a lot of people moving towards a vegetarian or vegan diet this year, way more than in previous years and with that there has been a lot of chat recently about vegetarian & vegan pets. The main question being should […]