Cat microchipping to become mandatory

Defra recently announced that cat microchipping will become mandatory in 2023. In our opinion this is excellent news, we help get lost pets home every week but we also hear lots of stories where pets aren’t microchipped and don’t make it home or take much longer to get home. This is particularly true with cats.  […]

Why we don’t do free pet microchips

I often get asked about free pet microchips or microchip chargebacks.  Some databases offer this because they are charging ridiculous fees to pet owners to register or update their microchip details. This means that they can either give the pet microchips away for free or give a microchip implanter free microchips on the basis of […]

How to use Defra compliant microchip databases to find a pet’s details

One thing that’s been trending recently via our support hub has been how Defra compliant microchip databases work. Here are a few of the queries we have had: Veterinary teams asking about how Defra compliant databases work.  Veterinary teams thinking “Check a chip” is a government site or the only site that can search all […]

Top Tips for keeping your pet safe

July is Lost Pet Prevention month. As pet owners we’re responsible to help keep our pets safe.   Every month we help pet owners just like you get their pet home safe and we’ve came up with some top tips that really help! Microchipping As we are a microchip database this one is at the top […]

Veterinary microchip survey! The results!

We asked Veterinary teams on our mailing lists a range of questions about microchipping recently. Here are some of the key results from the survey: What 2 factors do you consider most when purchasing microchips? What’s your biggest problems with your current microchips and microchip database? (Maximum of 2) How do you currently register client […]

Why we founded MyPet and where we’re at

Paul and I founded MyPet as we both had dreadful experiences with microchip databases. When I first registered my dogs I was charged £40. The website crashed when I was paying and the money came out of my account. You’d have thought my pups (Picture below because they’re awesome) would have been registered, but I […]

Does a Defra compliant microchip database need to be a software company?

One of the things we talk about to veterinary teams is our software. We believe great software is one of the main reasons vets use our products and services. By giving Vets and pet owners the most innovative and straight forward to use software we make their lives easier and a little bit better (Plus […]

Massive increase in microchip mix ups

We review our support tickets regularly to help us stay focused on the issues our customers are facing.  Over the last 12 weeks we have seen a massive increase in microchip mix up issues. To give a bit of background any time a customer be that a veterinary clinic, animal rescue, dog warden, pet owner […]

DEFRA Post Implementation Review Of The Microchipping Of Dogs

This post is targeted towards those people who work a lot with microchip databases. You’ll find this particularly interesting if you’re: From a veterinary clinic From an Animal Rescue From a local council (a team member who deals in animal welfare) An animal breeder A summary of the proposals for improvement within pet microchipping The Defra […]

Why Buy MyPet Microchips?

We talk to lots of vets every week and one of the questions we are answering for them is – Why should I buy MyPet microchips? When we’re asked this question we try answer a slightly different one. – How can MyPet help your Veterinary clinic and your customers? So how can we help your […]